Reba Capital holds a majority stake in Poligrow Colombia which operates one of the largest Sustainable Palm Oil projects in Colombia.

The investment in Poligrow Colombia made more than a decade ago was based on our commitment to demonstrate the significance of sourcing sustainable palm oil while generating positive social and environmental impacts. A major emphasis has been placed on ensuring that no deforestation, burning or destruction of native habitat has taken place and a significant portion of the project land is dedicated to develop activities to preserve and enhance the biosphere.

Reba Capital holds a majority stake in Poligrow Colombia which operates one of the largest Sustainable Palm Oil projects in Colombia. 

The plantation is certified by Rainforest Alliance and Poligrow Colombia is a partner of TFA 2020 (Tropical Forest Alliance 2020), a global public-private partnership committed to the reduction of tropical deforestation associated with the sourcing of commodities, and is a signatory of the TFA 2020 national plan for Colombia. Poligrow Colombia is well-appreciated by the Colombian authorities and the project is considered as evidence that the private sector can play a major role in bringing peace and prosperity in Colombia.


The containment and reduction of global warming caused by the overuse of fossil fuels is one of the greatest challenges we will face in the coming decades. 

Reba Capital focus is on energy efficiency, research and innovation. The objective of sustainable energy is to develop innovative ways to generate energy that meets the needs of the present without compromising those of future generations. Reba Capital offers a unique opportunity to access a diverse portfolio of energy efficiency assets, as well as operating and development stage of renewable energy assets using proven technologies.