• Reba Capital controls one of the largest Sustainable Palm Oil projects in Colombia.

    This investment is central to its strategy to establish a strong presence in the dynamic sustainable Palm Oil market.

This investment enabled Reba Capital to strategically position itself in a region with significant potential to grow the business, in a country with a strong and stable government, a solid legal system and a business friendly environment hosting operations of several global market leaders. We are confident that this investment will soon attract further interest from additional investors as well as new forms of financing.

The project encompasses strong aspects of sustainability generating positive social and environmental impact. 

We firmly believe in the importance of producing palm oil respecting the high standards of Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil and Rainforest Alliance. The Poligrow plantation is certified by Rainforest Alliance and is under RSPO certification (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) while major emphasis is also placed on increasing biodiversity and improving the life of local community.

The Poligrow project is well-appreciated by the Colombian authorities. Poligrow is considered as evidence that the private sector can play a major role in bringing peace and prosperity in Colombia.

There are many misconceptions regarding Palm Oil cultivation and Sustainability: our mission is to identify producers who are passionate and dedicated to following the most stringent criteria for the sustainable production of Palm Oil.