Reba Capital shall offer a unique opportunity to access a diverse portfolio of energy efficiency assets, as well as operating and development stage of renewable energy assets using proven technologies.

The primary focus will be on opportunities in Italy, in order to take advantage of the next phase of consolidation in the field of renewable energy sources. Nevertheless opportunities in Europe and the MENA region will also be considered as the Team has well established deal sourcing capabilities.

Asja Ambiente Italia, a leading company active in Italy and abroad in the renewables and energy efficiency field, will act as operating partner and will assist in the management of the acquired plants.

The objective of sustainable energy is to develop innovative ways to generate energy that meets the needs of the present without compromising those of future generations.

The containment and reduction of global warming caused by the overuse of fossil fuels is one of the greatest challenges we will face in the coming decades.

Our approach is to invest in plants that reduce pollution and CO2 emissions in order to improve the quality of our life and the health of our planet. It is Reba Capital’s philosophy that, by focusing on efficiency and innovation, traditional energy production can be remodeled to be clean and sustainable.